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Material Design in Angular

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💡 Course Introduction

In this series, you will learn how to incorporate Material Design in Angular.

This course will bridge the gap between Material Design and Angular, allowing you to harness the full potential of both technologies and deliver cutting-edge applications with an elegant and modern user interface.

We will have 2 paths in this course:

  • Material 2
  • Material 3 (a.k.a Material You)

For Material 2 path, we will learn 2 approaches:

  • Angular Material Component
  • Material Web Components

Lastly, For Material 3 (a.k.a Material You) path, we will learn how integrate web components in Angular.

By the end of this course, you'll have gained the expertise to use both, Material 2 and Material 3 (a.k.a. Material You) in Angular.

📖 What you will learn

1. First things first - Basics

Material Design

2. Material 2: Angular Material Components

Setting up the project
Understanding theme
Reducing the bundle size
Manage theme and using pre-built themes
Modify typography
Creating a dark theme
Apply Angular Material’s theme to custom component
Customizing Angular Material Component Styles

3. Material 2: Material Components Web

What is Material Components for the web?
Creating Banner: Simple Approach
Creating Banner: Advanced Approach
Simple vs Advanced Approach

4. Material 3 (Material You): Material Web

What is Material Web?
Web Components in Angular
Integrate Material Web in Angular
Dynamic Themes in Angular for Material Web

Hi 👋, I am Dharmen Shah, and I will be your Angular Material Dev instructor

Dharmen Shah

I have around 8+ years of experience in IT industry. I have got opportunity to work at different companies with different technologies, mostly focused on Front-end, like Angular, React, Next, vanilla web stack (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

You can find me on Twitter, Linkedin and Github.

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No matter which plan you buy, it's just a matter of time and content progress

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⁉️ FAQ

1. What exactly I will get, if I buy this course?

You will get below material upon buying of this course:

  1. Access to all the articles written for this series
  2. Access to all the code explained in the articles
  3. Access to office hours with the instructor

2. If I buy course now, will I have access to everything the course will have?

Yes, buying now will give you access to all content that will be available in the future.

3. Who is this series for?

This series is for people who have an intermediate level of understanding in Angular.

4. What versions of Angular is this compatible with?

The course is up to date and compatible with Angular v16.x. I am planning to keep content up-to-date with major changes in Angular or Material libraries.

5. What is type of this course/series? Is it live or video courses?

This course or series is only textual and contains well written articles. This series does not have any live or video sessions.

To know more about my writing style, please go through some of my articles.

6. How often do you update content?

Roughly every two weeks or with major changes to dependant libraries.

7. How do I contact someone if I need more help?