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Angular Material Components Theming System: Complete Guide

# Setting up the project 1. Let’s first install the Angular CLI: ```bash npm i -g @angular/cli ``` 2. Next, create a new Angular Project with SCSS, no-testing framework and with standalone mode: ```bash ng new my-app --style=scss --defaults --skip-tests --standalone ``` 3. Remove all content from `src\app\app.component.html` 4. Use the Angular CLI's installation [schematic]( to set up your Angular Material project by running the following command: ```bash ng add @angular/material ``` When asked, select below responses: | Question | Response | | ------------------------------------------------------------- | ----------------------------- | | Choose a prebuilt theme name, or "custom" for a custom theme: | Custom | | Set up global Angular Material typography styles? | Yes | | Include the Angular animations module? | Include and enable animations | 5. You're done! Angular Material is now configured to be used in your application.
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